Other Stuff

I write about gender, parenting, feminism and poverty, among other things. Every so often I get a personal essay style piece out there as well. This list is roughly in order from oldest (or longest contributing relationship) to most recent.

My political posts of the last few months, are on Medium, with the understanding that some people avoid that platform on principle.

One of the projects I am particularly proud of is my work on reforming the Portland Public Schools dress code. I wrote about dress codes generally in 2014, then about the Portland code in 2015, and about revising the Portland code in 2016.

  • article on dress codes and sexual harassment for Bitch Magazine’s blog. (one of Bitch’s 2014 top 20!)
  • Portland Mercury’s True Parent piece on school dress codes (2015).
  • The piece about how to do it, in Bust (2016)
  • The NOW Oregon sample code, which I wrote a great deal of, is here.

A related piece (Oregonian Guest Opinion) covers the concept of rape culture, after an history teacher in a Portland High School publicly put his foot in his mouth. I did buy him coffee, and it was a productive conversation.

Three pieces for Public Streets, a blog at the literary site Public Books, edited by the fabulous Ellis Avery. One on the neighborhood where I live, one on my home town, and one on the place of maternal ancestors.

Feministing.org: I have a few pieces on their Community Contributor page.

The kind folks at DiscoverNikkei re-published my piece on Anzen Grocery.

I wrote a few times in 2015 on issues relating to pregnancy and parenting including a guest blog post for MotherWoman on Huffington Post concerning work place protection for working mothers and a related piece in Bitch.

I wrote a bit for start-up site on media and culture called Second Nexus.

I have a couple of essays on a now inactive site, The Broadside about Planned Parenthood and Black Lives Matter

For a while I provided snarky political comments for the Oregon progressive politics blog BlueOregon.com. All of my entries are here.



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