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Drink Bleach

Oregon pays its legislators well below the average for “hybrid” legislatures I work for the State of Oregon. I’m a civil servant, but technically speaking, my boss is an elected official. There are several separately elected top officials in the … Continue reading

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Is it Spring Yet

split screen of Aleppo Syria I have notably lowbrow taste in movies. In the late 80s and early 90s I not only watched standard fantasy fare like Princess Bride and Labyrinth, but went out of my way to watch a … Continue reading

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Natural and Probable Consequences

Originally written before polls closed on Arizona primary day, 08/28/2018. Arizona primary results generally discussed here and I did donate to Sinema, although I’m not hopping with joy about it. 2017 – A bunch of powerful men, and an exceptionally powerful … Continue reading

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Three Days, or Ten Thousand

Yesterday I donated to Antonio Delgado. Tuesday he won a 7-way democratic primary in New York’s 19th congressional district. He was not the protagonist of a this American Life episode about the primary race in a district currently represented by a … Continue reading

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The Cult of Athena: Part I – Seeds and Stripes

I know a man with stripes on his back. Apparently it’s pretty common in humans who were once teen boys. They grow so quickly after puberty they get stretch marks, like some folks after pregnancy. Into his thirties, they were … Continue reading

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For Every Season

With all the terrible things happening in the world, I take comfort in my compost. We have one of those large black plastic beehives that the regional waste and transportation authority provides. In the past few years it’s migrated around … Continue reading

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What was broken

My husband comes from a family of savers as well.  We have numerous toys from his childhood, carefully shipped across the country by his mother, many of which are too bedraggled to use, but some of which are pretty neat. … Continue reading

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