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Instructions, Details, and the Uterus

This is like one of those Pinterest #nailedit fails. A post shared by Elleanor Chin (@elleanorchin) on Jul 5, 2016 at 7:19pm PDT When I wrote about crochet a while back, I listed a number different things that I could … Continue reading

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Hook, Line, and Torte

Learning some stuff #crochet #hidingout A post shared by Elleanor Chin (@elleanorchin) on May 7, 2016 at 8:23pm PDT Things that I can do: Bake bread (although it turns out differently every time, and my cake results are even more … Continue reading

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Patchwork ROI

I have a complicated relationship with quilts. They’re one of the few things I can reliably and consistently sew. They are a significant part of my maternal family culture. My great grandmother, great aunts, and several of my aunts have … Continue reading

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Time, Space, and Swearing. Lots of Swearing

Luke looked up. “Tell me something, tall man, do you have a good sense of smell for a pretty-face, or a bad one?” Tsofair gave Luke a long assessing look, which seemed not to embarrass the other man in the … Continue reading

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An Honest Rug

  I finished my rag rug. It’s a slightly different shape than it was originally intended and it took about eight months, but it looks and feels like what I was after. My false start back in January or so … Continue reading

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Heart of Bone

I realized recently that most people might not experience life as a constant barrage of chaos. However other people engage with the world, good or bad, it doesn’t necessarily feel like a battle against drowning. I don’t feel that way … Continue reading

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Slaughter and Self Care

If you are sensitive about grodiness, leave now. If you don’t believe in killing animals for food, go read this open letter to vegetarians. When I got ducks in the spring I intended to eat their eggs sooner and their … Continue reading

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