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This year’s yard work featured more landscaping and less gardening. I planted fewer pumpkins and the yield on the pumpkins and tomatoes was paltry compared to last year. I planted no sunflowers, but three volunteers came up from last year. … Continue reading

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Curbies, Middens and Latrines

This summer, after I wrote the owner of the vacant house for the second time, he texted me. It was a bizarre discussion, and not just for the grammar. I made him a low offer, noting the need for new … Continue reading

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Soul Food

Summer in Michigan is gross. It is improbably humid, there are mosquitoes, the sun beats down during the day and the air doesn’t cool down at night. We had no air conditioning in our old house in the center of … Continue reading

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For Every Season

With all the terrible things happening in the world, I take comfort in my compost. We have one of those large black plastic beehives that the regional waste and transportation authority provides. In the past few years it’s migrated around … Continue reading

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Forget me not

  I managed to grow forget-me-nots from seed this year.  They actually flowered and everything.  Growing things from seed feels like a pretty remarkable feat anyway, but I’m particularly pleased with the forget-me-nots because they look like, well, forget-me-nots. The house we moved … Continue reading

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Open and Notorious

The family next door to the north of us moved out over Thanksgiving weekend, seven months ago and counting.  There had been a lot of yelling during the holiday weekend, then a delivery truck backed into the driveway.  I thought they … Continue reading

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Hippy Mom

When I left my job, I said I was going to go and be a hippie mom.  I didn’t say I was doing it on purpose, just that was what I was going to do.  To that end I have … Continue reading

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