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Hook, Line, and Torte

Learning some stuff #crochet #hidingout A post shared by Elleanor Chin (@elleanorchin) on May 7, 2016 at 8:23pm PDT Things that I can do: Bake bread (although it turns out differently every time, and my cake results are even more … Continue reading

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Baroque Geography and Memory Salad

My father died 10 years ago today, after a period of dementia and failing health that was much more heartbreaking than his actual death. He was 83. I have a friend, Jessica, whose mother died one year ago today after … Continue reading

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New Year’s Weevils

When I was growing up, my parents hosted three, maybe four parties a year in our old house on Hamilton Place. Chinese New Year, my mother’s birthday in October and Thanksgiving were all raucous affairs where we invited Dad’s students, … Continue reading

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Fois Gras and Vertebrae

  I grew up eating duck. When my dad catered, there was always a duck or duck products around. He steamed whole ducks in an enormous steamer then took them away, packed in milk crates, to deep fry on site. He … Continue reading

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Slaughter and Self Care

If you are sensitive about grodiness, leave now. If you don’t believe in killing animals for food, go read this open letter to vegetarians. When I got ducks in the spring I intended to eat their eggs sooner and their … Continue reading

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Water of Life

My father used to make all kinds of insane liqueurs. I’m not quite sure of the technique, but it involved large jugs of the cheapest vodka, fruit of various types, sugar and exceedingly sketchy reclaimed liquor bottles. He’d label them … Continue reading

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The Chicken, the Fool and the Gunner

When I was about nine years old I read about pecking order for the first time – how there is the A, B, C and D chicken (and so on down the line). The A pecks the B, the B … Continue reading

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