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Happy Birth Day – Gamble or Die

Today is the anniversary of the first time I gave birth. I left the house before my kids got up, then tried to call my tween to wish her a happy birthday. I got her voicemail (a first time for … Continue reading

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Three Days, or Ten Thousand

Yesterday I donated to Antonio Delgado. Tuesday he won a 7-way democratic primary in New York’s 19th congressional district. He was not the protagonist of a this American Life episode about the primary race in a district currently represented by a … Continue reading

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One Square Mile

Main Street has changed quite a bit, but Peaceable Kingdom is still there with the table of toys down the center, matchbook enamel pins and wooden counter #annarbor #goinghome #nostalgia A post shared by Elleanor Chin (@elleanorchin) on Jun 1, … Continue reading

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In Which I Cook from the Internet

And it works, essentially as advertised. A friend of mine shared one of those time-lapse cooking videos on social media this week. It was called “Fajita Pizza Twists”. Here’s the original link. It originates from a site featuring a whole bunch … Continue reading

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Patchwork ROI

I have a complicated relationship with quilts. They’re one of the few things I can reliably and consistently sew. They are a significant part of my maternal family culture. My great grandmother, great aunts, and several of my aunts have … Continue reading

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Crunchy Bugs and Hair Salad

Did you know lice make this little crunching sound between your nails when you smash them? It’s utterly, horribly gross and strangely satisfying. The last time I got lice was when I was nine. I remember sitting on my bed … Continue reading

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Done is Good

I finished the piece I’ve been working on since December of last year, incorporating the different parts of baby gates and familial debris. The first two were done months ago and have been sitting in the attic. The last piece … Continue reading

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