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Green Tea and Cranberry Cream

I’m hibernating. But on a good day, I can do other stuff while hibernating (besides watching all ten episodes of Band of Brothers, or half a season of Musketeers from BBC One). Yesterday I made an official Decadent Holiday Dessert. … Continue reading

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Harry Potter, the Wire, and What My Yellow A** learned about Diversity This Summer

Chow Yun Fat, George Harris as Kingsley Shacklebolt, Joseph Mawle In August the hashtag #IfHogwartsWasanHBCU came across my Twitter feed. (HBCU = Historically Black Colleges and Universities). Buzzfeed aggregated a bunch of the tweets showing a combination of preferred casting … Continue reading

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Crunchy Bugs and Hair Salad

Did you know lice make this little crunching sound between your nails when you smash them? It’s utterly, horribly gross and strangely satisfying. The last time I got lice was when I was nine. I remember sitting on my bed … Continue reading

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