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Fois Gras and Vertebrae

  I grew up eating duck. When my dad catered, there was always a duck or duck products around. He steamed whole ducks in an enormous steamer then took them away, packed in milk crates, to deep fry on site. He … Continue reading

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Slaughter and Self Care

If you are sensitive about grodiness, leave now. If you don’t believe in killing animals for food, go read this open letter to vegetarians. When I got ducks in the spring I intended to eat their eggs sooner and their … Continue reading

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Steam Spencer

  My mother sewed. When I was a kid she made clothes for herself and for us. Just off the top of my head the things that she made for me included flannel nightgowns trimmed with rickrack and fancy stitching, matching pinafore … Continue reading

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Ghosts of Stollen Past

  I had a friend a number of years ago who baked stollen at Christmas and at Easter. Her recipe called for “hard spring wheat flour” and “oleo”. I understand that she often ground the flour herself in one of … Continue reading

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