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Petra Printer Produced a Peck of Precious Prose

Nothing so precious as a writer opining on writing. — Carrie La Seur (@claseur) December 29, 2014 I wrote a romance. This isn’t the one that I wrote. Or rather, this here isn’t the one I’m about to explain, although … Continue reading

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GB Haus

Gingerbread houses were always something someone else did. You heard about people doing them. The kind of people who knew how to play tennis and whose cars didn’t break down on vacation. As a kid gingerbread houses existed mostly on … Continue reading

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Water of Life

My father used to make all kinds of insane liqueurs. I’m not quite sure of the technique, but it involved large jugs of the cheapest vodka, fruit of various types, sugar and exceedingly sketchy reclaimed liquor bottles. He’d label them … Continue reading

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我自己的 Bikelandia

I live in bicycle paradise – or something. The last time I was regularly on a bike was during a visit to Beijing in 1991. Portland is noisomely smug about its bike amenities and there’s always a bunch of people … Continue reading

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Until My Forever Merges with Thine

Today would have been my grandmother’s 100th birthday. I was 20 when she died, which means I’ve somehow lived longer without her than I did with her. Granny smelled like toast, instant coffee, red earth and lily of the valley … Continue reading

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Modern Living: Modern Art

I haven’t done a collage in a long time, but I’d been thinking for awhile about doing one made up of all the random crap I pick up all over the house. The amount of cheap, useless plastic stuff that … Continue reading

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The Chicken, the Fool and the Gunner

When I was about nine years old I read about pecking order for the first time – how there is the A, B, C and D chicken (and so on down the line). The A pecks the B, the B … Continue reading

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