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Curbies, Middens and Latrines

This summer, after I wrote the owner of the vacant house for the second time, he texted me. It was a bizarre discussion, and not just for the grammar. I made him a low offer, noting the need for new … Continue reading

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Ashes to Ashes; Ducks to Duck

About two years ago, one of the farmers at our local farmers market had a duckling with her at market. She raises ducks on Sauvie Island and there on the table with the beet greens and such was a live … Continue reading

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Nine Hapas** and a Dog

My spouse likes to camp. I don’t. He grew up camping. I didn’t. We have very different dispositions when it comes to packing. Without getting into the particulars, this captures some of the feel: I will force our children to … Continue reading

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