Jelly in the sun

Some times it just takes a little push. My son asked me about two weeks ago to make a jellyfish. I think I’d told him I intended to, and it wasn’t an unprecedented request. In the last 9 months I’ve made my children an 8 foot squid pillow (with all the tentacles), as well as a sea horse and sea turtle on similar scale. I had a vision for the jellyfish and had even bought materials.  But with one thing or another, they were just sitting in the clutter of my sewing room.

A jelly fish is much easier to make than a sea horse or squid, and ridiculously easy compared to a turtle.  I took a yoga ball and traced out segments on half the sphere, cut four wedges for the top and four slightly different wedges for the bottom.  I found the fabric at goodwill and it was the shade of teal that makes my eyes happy, as my mother would say.  The underside is the leftover fabric from a dress my mother in law made our oldest when she was little. The frills on the mantle and the tentacles are scarves from the goodwill.  Those weird skinny scarves that are knit in a ruffle like a sea hare are perfect tentacles.

photo 2 (5)

It’s very soft and bouncy.  I’m hoping that eventually my children will get tired of having it in their rooms and I can use it.  When I first mentioned a jellyfish, they were a bit baffled why I needed to make another creature, because I’d made one for each of them afterall.  I said I wanted one too.  They thought that it was sensible and proper that I should want a jellyfish, but they haven’t let me have it yet.


photo 4 (2)


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